Our volunteers are aware of how human life is valuable. They are motivated to improve the quality of life of people with Alzheimer’s disease. They help us in raising awareness and improving services provided in our community.

Volunteers are of crucial importance. Without them, it would be impossible to do what we do to help people with the disease and raise money to find a cure. We truly appreciate their experience, comments, enthusiasm and precious collaboration.


Volunteering is making a difference in the community. When you volunteer for the Alzheimer Society of Granby and Region:
  • You help people with Alzheimer’s disease to live better
  • You improve the quality of life in the community
  • You support a noble cause and human life
  • You work as a team to reach a specific goal
On a personal level, volunteering also has its advantages:
  • You keep your brain active
  • You build your self-esteem and your self-confidence
  • You use your professional skills in a new environment
  • You meet people who share the same interests and passions
  • You gain knowledge and experience
  • You break isolation and develop social contacts
  • You reduce your stress by getting involved on a voluntary basis
  • You create a schedule that works for you
  • You have fun!

What can you do as a volunteer?

Volunteers are valuable resources for charitable organizations like the SAGR.
Together, we join forces to participate in making life better for people living with dementia.

Volunteer can help in many ways. Here are a few examples:

Plan or participate in activities

Coordinate booths

Carry out administrative tasks


Do you have any suggestions for activities? Would you like to learn more about the role of our volunteers? Please contact us:

WRITE TO USor call 450 777-3363

Would you like to play a valuable role in our mission by becoming a volunteer? Sign up online and join our dynamic team!