Upon the announcement of the diagnosis, we understand that you felt anxious and distressed. Listening to you, comforting you and guiding you towards the best resources are our priorities.

Maintaining your dignity and respecting your choices are well-established values at the Alzheimer Society of Granby and region. Our proven approach and our experienced staff will give you the means to tone your cognitive abilities and avoid isolation.

Many programs such as Ressource Moi or Music & Memory as well as stimulating workshops are offered to learn how to live better with the disease and keep your cognitive skills as long as possible.


Music & Memory is a music therapy program. It helps recreate memories thanks to personalized songs and favourite tunes.

This service is successful in the Granby area. Not only does this activity stimulate the brain, but it also helps reduce anxiety, restlessness and increase communication.


La Société Alzheimer de Granby et région a pour mission de :

Sensibiliser la population

à la réalité des personnes atteintes de la maladie d’Alzheimer ou d’une maladie apparentée

Diffuser de l’information

sur la maladie et les avancées technologiques en ce qui concerne la découverte d’un remède

Soutenir les personnes touchées

par des troubles cognitifs ainsi que leurs aidants et leurs proches


Colloque annuel

Colloque annuel

Chaque année, la SAGR organise un colloque annuel. Des conférenciers de haut calibre sont invités à venir vous parler sur différents sujets en lien avec la maladie. Un panel de discussion a également lieu en après-midi.

Représentation dans la communauté


La SAGR propose des séances d’information afin de présenter ses services, de sensibiliser la population par rapport à la maladie et d’animer des activités de prévention, et ce, en entreprise ou de manière publique.

Journal Alz-Info

Journal Alz-Info

La Société Alzheimer de Granby et région fait paraître son journal Alz-Info quatre fois par année. Ce dernier permet d’être informé sur les enjeux actuels liés à la maladie ainsi que sur nos événements, conférences et formations.



La Société Alzheimer de Granby et région regorge de ressources pour vous informer relativement à la maladie et ses traitements, les services offerts par la SAGR aux personnes atteintes ainsi qu’à leurs proches et les avancées en recherche pour la découverte d’un remède.

Our support services

Offering services throughout the Haute-Yamaska, Brome-Missisquoi and Acton RCM regions, the Alzheimer Society of Granby and region supports people with Alzheimer’s disease or other related diseases, their families, their caregivers and health care workers.

Do you want to talk to a service worker? It is possible to do this at our offices, on the phone or at home. You will be able to discuss your situation and get all the necessary information that concern you.

This service is offered to the loved ones and caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s disease. It is also possible to organize meetings with many people.


If you have just received the diagnosis, we recommend that you contact us for information, guidance about our services and, above all, support.

We also invite you to consult our resource centre and the one from Canada Alzheimer Society to find answers to frequently asked questions.

Respite and stimulation

This bilingual service of cognitive stimulation activities is offered to people with Alzheimer’s disease or other related cognitive diseases.

Caregivers can get some relief while the person with Alzheimer participates in stimulation workshops given by trained individuals.

Participants must be able to move around on their own or with the help of a walker, maintain continence and be responsive to stimuli.

For more information and to know the dates of the next activities, please contact us at 450 777-3363.

Improving the quality of life

The Alzheimer Society promotes an approach based on sharing and respect. Its focus is on maintaining the dignity and quality of life of those affected by the disease in every possible way. We believe that quality of life is first and foremost increased through communication and social interactions.

“À la découverte de vos stimuli”, an activity developed by professor, researcher and recreational therapist Hélène Carbonneau, PhD, offers tools to people with Alzheimer and their caregivers to improve their quality of life.

There are 10 workshops and last 2 hours each.

During the first hour, activity coordinators assist you in creating stimulating activities with your loved one.

The second hour is devoted entirely to you. Assisted by a social worker, you will have the opportunity, as a group, to go back on the activity, to share your observations, to improve your knowledge on memory disorders and increase your activity ideas for your next visit with your loved one.

Main objectives of these meetings: strengthen the bonds between the caregivers and the people affected by the disease, equip the caregivers, stimulate people with memory disorders, convey useful information, break down the isolation, experience moments of happiness.

Possible activities: cooking in groups, Olympiads, mosaics, scrapbooking, music and zoo therapy.

This service is offered to people with Alzheimer’s disease accompanied by their caregiver and shows that it is always possible to be happy while visiting loved ones and on a day to day basis.

Cognitive stimulation workshops are intended for seniors and people in the early stages of Alzheimer who want to keep their brain healthy. They are also for people who want to socialize in a friendly environment while improving their skills to gain, maintain and process information using a computer program.

The program “BrainHQ” is known to decrease the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease or other related diseases by 30%. In addition, it is known to allow safer driving and reduce symptoms associated to depression.

Requirement: You must have followed the program “Memory Workout”